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July 6, 2016 by Matt

Team USA World Cup Goalie Pad Concepts

If you’re not following Goalie Customizer on Instagram, you’re missing out on some incredible design concepts. Some of their latest work includes concept designs for the World Cup taking place this fall.

Coinciding with Independence Day in the U.S., a few different concepts were posted for Team USA goalies.

The first design was a CCM Premier setup with the stars and stripes heavily incorporated into the design.

A photo posted by @goaliecustomizer on

The second setup was designed with Cory Schneider in mind. As the designer notes in the comments, Schneider wears Vaughn V4 pads and the designer mixed and matched with an EFlex 1 graphic.

This design concept also includes the stars and stripes, but in a much more subtle way. The stars are featured in the top portion of the outer roll, and the stripes are featured in the lower portion. The catch glove and blocker also feature simple stripes to add some color and match the leg pads.

A photo posted by @goaliecustomizer on

The final concept was designed with Jonathan Quick in mind, and does not feature any stars and stripes. Instead, the Vaughn V6 graphic is designed to match the colors of crest on the Team USA jerseys. This includes the gold-ish on the outer portion of the crest.

A photo posted by @goaliecustomizer on

These three Team USA concept designs for the 2016 World Cup are incredible. My favorite design is probably the second one for Cory Schneider. The stars and stripes are subtle, yet effective, and the setup looks outstanding together.

What do you think of these Team USA goalie pad concepts? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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