Passau Hockey Catch Glove Review

July 8, 2016 by Matt

Passau Hockey Catch Glove Review

Passau Hockey is goaltender equipment manufacturer who has been around for roughly 30 years, in one form or another. The path they have traveled has led them to a direct to consumer model, producing some of the most customizable goalie gear on the market today.

We were fortunate enough to receive a demo version of one of Passau’s 60 degree catch gloves for a review. Read on to find out more about their latest goalie glove, as well as some of the customization options available, in our Passau goalie glove review.


  • Passau Goalie Catch Glove
  • 60 degree glove
  • Color: white
  • 880 grams (with original specs)


  • Double T Pocket
  • Skate Lace Pocket
  • Pro Palm


Design and Construction:

The 60 degree Passau goalie glove was designed from the ground up after receiving a lot of demand from their customers. Originally, Passau only had a 90 degree glove, but built this new glove into their product offering to meet that demand.

This Passau goalie glove was built around how the hand closes. Rather than closing by the fingertips, like a traditional goalie glove, this new glove was designed to close by the palm instead. It was designed with a “fingers up” position, offering more of a baseball glove type feel, and a one piece cuff. A two piece cuff is available as a custom option as well.

Our review unit was customized with a double T pocket complete with skate lacing, but the options go much further than that. Passau will work with you to ensure that all your customization needs are met.

For example, if you want custom graphics on your glove, they can do it. Additional options include a traditional palm, Maltese palm, pro palm, single T pocket, the aforementioned skate lace pocket (rather than a nylon lace), deeper or wider pockets, and more. Passau works directly with their customers to break down what their preferences are, and spec out a glove (or other pieces of equipment) to meet your specific needs.

Each catch glove made by Passau includes a five strap setup to keep the hand in place. The locations include over the back of the fingers, over the back of the hand, at the wrist, the thumb, and the ring and pinky fingers. The gloves are also hand molded and broken in. This is done to ensure that the equipment is ready for use as soon as it arrives to the customer.

The Passau catch glove also features air mesh on the back of the fingers and thumb. This material allows for more air flow while you’re playing, helping to keep your hands dry and comfortable.


One of the first things you notice when you put on the Passau 60 degree catch glove is how it really holds on to the back of your hand. The strapping system is very nice, and provides adjustments in each different area that you need. This allows you to get a secure hold, or to leave it a bit looser in certain areas if that’s what you prefer. The setup also provides an exceptional feel when catching shots as the movement is powered by your hand rather than your fingertips.

Out of the box, the glove nicely broken in, but still requires some break in time to get it exactly where you want it. I was impressed however, at the feel right out of the box. The Passau glove opened and closed quite a bit better than an out of the box CCM Premier Glove we are reviewing.

The double T design on our demo glove was a great feature out on the ice. The design helps the pocket to retain its shape after closing, so pucks weren’t going anywhere after the initial save. The pocket was large too, so making glove saves feel quick and effortless.

Our catch glove featured a pro palm which was stiff and provided adequate protection. If I were to purchase one of these, however, I would recommend upgrading to a Maltese palm. If you’re not familiar with Maltese, it is a gel which provides incredible protection without breaking down the same way that traditional foams do.

Air flow is always important as a goaltender, and I was quite pleased with the air mesh materials used on the back of hand and thumb. You really see a benefit with this design out on the ice, and it helps to allow some of that cool air into the glove to provide some relief. You won’t notice the difference as much if you’re using the glove for roller hockey, but you’re also playing in a much warmer environment in that case.

The Passau 60 degree catch glove is designed to be a pro level glove, and it definitely performed that way on the ice.

Overall Impressions:

It didn’t take me long to really appreciate and enjoy using this Passau catch glove. The fit and feel of the glove on your hand is incredible, with the strapping system really locking your hand in place.

The new 60 degree style is a fantastic option for goaltenders, and with a large and deep pocket, pulling in shots was a breeze. The catch glove was also comfortable, durable, and provided plenty of protection and mobility.

One of the biggest selling points for the Passau glove, in addition to its great overall performance, is the ability to customize it. Having the flexibility that you do with Passau makes them an easy choice for your catch glove. If you’re going to spend the money for a pro level catch glove, you might as well have it look and feel exactly the way you want it to.

How and where to buy?

Because Passau uses a direct to consumer model, the only place to purchase their equipment is directly through them. With that said, you can either order your customized goalie gear online, or take a trip to their shop in Chambly, Quebec, Canada. The shop is open Monday – Thursday, and it is recommended that you make an appointment.

Online orders will require all consultations and communications to be virtually. You can set up a FaceTime or Skype meeting to talk things over, or discuss over the phone.

Passau’s catch gloves start at $435 CAD, and go up depending on what type of customization’s you select. Roughly 90% of all the options are priced in to that base price but additional items, such as a Maltese palm, will cost more.

For more information on ordering, please visit

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