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January 7, 2016 by Matt

Leafs Goaltender Starts Scrum with Ducks Star Forward

Not sure this was in the game plan for last night, but the Toronto Maple Leafs goalie got involved in a bit of a scrum last night.

Jonathan Bernier, who has seen his season turn around a bit as of late, got a bit chippy with Anaheim Ducks forward Corey Perry.

The mischief started as Perry’s hand got a bit high around the facemask of Bernier, who took exception to it. As Perry circled back to the front of the net to set up a screen, Bernier took a nice jab at the back of his opponent’s knee.

Perry responded to the play with a few high cross checks which knocked the Maple Leafs goalie over. A solid scrum ensued and Bernier got back on his feet to deliver another shot back at Perry.

Referees got in the way before the situation could escalate too much, but Perry was clearly heated by the exchange.

Bernier would get the last laugh though as the Leafs would go on to win 4-0 in Anaheim.

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