Frederik Andersen 2015-16 Lego Batman Goal Mask

July 17, 2015 by Matt

Frederik Andersen’s Lego Batman Goal Mask for 2015-16

Photos of Frederik Andersen’s new goal mask were recently unveiled, and the mask is brilliant.

The design, courtesy of highly regarded artist David Gunnarsson, features the flying caped crusader on one side of the mask, and the “Dark Duck” complete with goalie stick in hand on the other side. The mask also includes the Ducks logo on both sides, but with a Batman mask over the duck.

Here’s the story of the mask design, courtesy of Gunnarsson’s own blog:

Watch out villains…! Anaheim Duck´s Danish goalie Frederik Andersen is…. Lego DuckMan – The Dark Duck…!👊💥

Frederik Andersen is a huge Lego fan, just like me 🙂 And since Frederik is from Denmark🇩🇰, just like Lego, Frederik wanted to pay tribute to the coolest toy ever 🙂 His Lego mask from last year was a huge success… and he comes the next chapter..🎨

Frederik is transformed into a superhero, The DuckMan…! Of course with the awesome old school Ducks logo on his chest, and the coolest weapon ever… a Lego goalie stick💪 Even the awesome Ducks logos on the sides are transformed into the DuckMan…! 😎

The mask is loaded with all the insane DAVEART Trademark Super FX💎, and among them the GLOW Tech FX 2.0💡, so it glows in the dark, as the true Dark Duck he is…🌴

Thanks Freddie, I am so proud to be your artist and evolve and create and paint for you.💣 And be ready, Freddie and I have lots of more cool stuff in the pipeline…👍

Check out the new Frederik Andersen Lego Batman goal mask for his 2015-16 season, and let us know what you think by leaving a note in the comments!

Frederik Andersen 2015-16 Lego Batman Goalie Mask



Frederik Andersen 2015-16 Lego Batman Goal Mask


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