CCM Premier Goalie Pads

July 14, 2015 by Matt

CCM Premier Goalie Pads

CCM Hockey has finally unveiled their latest goal pads to the public!

The unveiling happened today, courtesy of the CCM Hockey Twitter account, and features a few good looks at the new CCM Premier Goalie Pads.

We’re still working on grabbing all of the details and technology behind the pads, but here’s a good shot of the CCM Premier goalie pads to hold you over.

For those that don’t know, the CCM Premier goalie pads will replace the Reebok Premier XLT pads. When Reebok was absorbed by CCM, the Premier line came with it. CCM has dropped the XLT, and now we just have the CCM Premier goal pads.

CCM Premier Goalie Pads

CCM’s Premier goal pads will be in full use throughout the 2015-16 NHL season. You can expect CCM signed goalies such as Roberto Luongo and Marc-Andre Fluery to spot these new pads when the puck drops on the new season.

When the new pads are available for retail purchase, you’ll be able to pick them up from among other online retailers.

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