CCM Tacks Goalie Skates

April 22, 2016 by Matt

CCM Tacks Goalie Skates

In 2016, CCM will add on to their new line the all new CCM Tacks goalie skates.

The all new CCM Tacks goalie skates have been designed from the ground up to meet a goaltenders needs. They’re firmly constructed to help generate power and strong T-pushes. They also allow you to get lower into your stance. On top of it all, the CCM Tacks goalie skates are comfortable and provide incredible support.

Behind all of the power in the CCM Tacks goalie skates is texturized composite in the quarter package. This high end and layered boot frame uses goalie specific reinforcements to improve side to side power transfer capabilities for each stride and T-push.

A heat moldable T-FORM core is also included in the design of the Tacks goalie skates. This super lightweight core is also very rigid which helps to improve performance. The heat moldable properties allow you to bake the skates and customize the fit more to the shape of your foot.

The boot collar is shaped and molded asymmetrically to allow you to flex deeper into your stance. Goalies will benefit with extremely quick recovery meaning you can get stand back up and get back in the play as quick as possible.

CCM’s new Tacks goalie skates are also introducing a brand new tongue. The tongue is multi-layered using a thick felt layer, D3O smartfoam, and lace bite protection. These tongues are designed to be extremely comfortable.

Inside the boot you will find a CCM TOTALDRI liner. This moisture wicking material performs at high levels and works hard to keep your feet dry and skates light during games. CCM also included multi density memory foam ankle pads to wrap around your foot and improve fit and comfort. Finally, an air system footbed will provide lightweight comfort with air vents to help keep your feet cool and dry.

Just beneath the boot you’ll find a composite midsole which is extremely lightweight and great for energy and power transfer.

The CCM Tacks goalie skates will use a Prolite Lo-Curve cowling for additional impact protection. This extra light cowling features a low rim design, carbon composite inserts, and a highly reinforced toe and blade area. The design allows for peak performance, all while adding further protection to the goalie and skate.

Down into the runner, CCM will offer a Prolite G Black runner with the Tacks goalie skates. This is a high performance blade with an oxide treatment meant to provide longer edge life. It also provides greater resistance to corrosion.

The CCM Tacks goalie skates will hit retail stores on July 22nd. When they’re released, you will be able to pick them up right away at

Until then, drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts on the new Tacks goalie skates from CCM. Will you be getting a pair?

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