February 29, 2016 by Matt

Carey Price in CCM EFlex 2 White Out Pads

Carey Price has hit the ice once again, this time in full pads.

Surprisingly enough, the setup he was wearing today is not one that we’ve seen from him yet. It was an all new and all white setup that had some believing it was unreleased gear.

However, straight from CCM’s Twitter, we’ve been able to confirm that the pads are CCM EFlex 2 in a full white design. The white out look was supposed to be used at the Winter Classic, but with Price being on injured reserve, we have not seen the gear until today.

Check out the slick looking CCM EFlex 2 white out setup and let us know what you think of Carey Price’s latest gear!

CCM Extreme Flex 2 White Out Goalie Gear

If you’re interested in grabbing the CCM EFlex 2 setup for yourself, you can follow the links below to get your hands on it from IceWarehouse.com. You can also head over the IW to customize your EFlex 2 pads!

CCM Extreme Flex 2 Goalie Pads (Customize)

CCM Extreme Flex 2 Catch Glove (Customize)

CCM Extreme Flex 2 Blocker (Customize)

CCM Extreme Flex 2 Goal Stick

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