Bauer Supreme 1S Goalie Pants

October 21, 2015 by Matt

Bauer Supreme 1S Goalie Pants

Bauer’s all new line up of goalie gear wouldn’t be complete without the Bauer Supreme 1S goalie pants. The Supreme 1S goal pants will be the premier level pants in the new Supreme line and will offer a ton of great features.

The Bauer Supreme 1S goalie pants offer an extension fit system which means there is an easily adjustable extension system that allows the leg length to be increased by up to one inch. This is done so without sacrificing protection in any way. Increasing the adjustability allows you to decide where you want the pants to end, allowing for a more customized fit which supplies the protection you need along with flexibility in your movements.

Bauer’s Supreme 1S goalie pants also feature FleXorb technolgoy, which is a combination of G-Form and XRD material for incredible protection. Curv composite is also used in the thigh pads for increased protection while significantly reducing weight.

You will also benefit from floating spine protection with Vent Armour technology, lightweight TPU reinforcements in strategic areas above the goal pads, floating front flex hip panels, and ventilated side rib panels in the all new Bauer Supreme 1S goalie pads.

Inside the pants, you will find Bauer has included an inner belt lock. This is a hybrid belt system which combines the secure fit you get with an inner belt, but the easy access and comfort of an outside belt, which is where the belt finishes. The inner lock of the belt helps to stabilize the pants and keep them balanced on the body, which then helps to make the pants feel lighter, and improve on comfort.

The Bauer Supreme 1S goalie pants will also utilize a liner with 37.5 technology. This great technology which Bauer has added on many of their premier level products helps to regulate your core body temperature by keeping your body dry. Fabrics utilizing 37.5 technology dry up to 5x faster than similar materials.

Check out the new Bauer Supreme 1S goalie pants below and drop us a comment with your thoughts on the new gear!

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Bauer Supreme 1S Goalie Pants

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