Warrior Ritual G2 Goal Pads

May 26, 2015 by Matt

Warrior Ritual G2 Goal Pads

Warrior may not be interested in paying enormous NHL equipment fees right now, but that doesn’t mean that they are exiting the goalie gear category.

In fact, Warrior just recently released the all new Warrior Ritual G2 Goal Pads. As the latest and greatest goalie pads from Warrior, you can bet they’re packed with high end features. Let’s take a closer look and see what they have to offer.

The exterior portion of the Warrior Ritual G2 goal pad is constructed with nothing but high quality materials. They use Jenpro leather on the face of the pads, and have also constructed a bindingless pad. Additionally, using a profile lock system, you can now customize the shape of the thigh rise for a more personal fit.

The face on the Ritual G2 goal pads also offers a flat design, with square/thin profile construction. The outer roll design is also square, and there is a single break outer roll below the knee. The pads also feature a flexible boot.

The inner roll is a two-piece design which is flat inside which offers gap free ice contact as well as increased stability.

When it comes to protection, the Ritual G2 pads are really top notch. They are designed for the pro butterfly style goaltender, so protection in those natural butterfly positions is important. The Ritual G2 pads include Ritual G2 pro knee pads for additional knee protection, as well as a post wedge panel. The post wedge panel is a dual purpose outer flap. It offers additional leg protection, but beyond that it also helps to seal the post and pad gap when crouching.

Additional protection has been added in the two-piece calf wrap as well. The inner layer includes long foam which wraps around and contours to the leg. The outer layer is also a long foam wrap, but is designed to provide outer leg protection.

The knee stack on the Ritual G2 has been designed with the knee drive system. There is a large and firm landing block, and it’s open to allow free movement of the knee to help transition to and from the butterfly position.

Warrior’s Ritual G2 goal pads have a leg channel which is adjustable. This means you can remove comfort foam around your shins to help make the leg channel deeper. The leg channel is made with heavy duty nylon and includes soft foams for comfort and protection. They also provide great impact absorption.

Moving down into the boot channel, you will find a flat boot. This allows the leg pad to sit and move on top of the goal skate, improving your mobility.

The Ritual G2 goal pads include two elastic straps on the calf, and two elasti active response straps on the boot. This helps to improve pad rotation and makes adjustment easier. There is also one elastic strap on the knee.

Warrior’s Ritual G2 goal pads are also incredibly lightweight. They come in at 4.4 lbs per pad, based on the 34+1.5″ pad.

The Warrior Ritual G2 goal pads were launched in April and are now available in hockey retail shops everywhere. You can pick up a pair from Ice and Inline Warehouse today, with free shipping, for only $1099.99. Click here to check them out!

Have you used the Warrior Ritual G2 goal pads? If so, leave us a note in the comments with your thoughts on Warrior’s new pads!

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