True A6.0 sbp Goalie Stick

June 9, 2016 by Matt

True A6.0 SBP Goalie Stick Review

True Hockey introduced the awesome looking True A6.0 goalie stick last year, and received many compliments on their work. Unfortunately, one of the biggest complaints from goaltenders seemed to be durability. This year, True Hockey has released the all new and improved True A6.0 SBP goalie stick. Read on for our full True A6.0 SBP goalie stick review!


  • True A6.0 SBP Goalie Stick
  • Senior Size
  • MC Pattern
  • Matte Grip Finish
  • No modifications


  • BRT Blade Technology
  • Axenic True One Piece Technology

Design and Construction:

Reviews of the original True A6.0 goalie stick seemed to all be on the same page. The stick was great, but unfortunately durability was not. With the new True A6.0 SBP goalie stick, the focus was on improving durability, and making a better product.

When compared to the previous version, the all new True A6.0 SBP goalie stick is 20% stronger in terms of impact strength. They managed to improve this strength while still maintaining their lead as one of the lightest goalie sticks around, with an incredible balance point.

True incorporated their patented BRT blade technology into the all new blew of the A6.0 SBP goalie stick. It features a series of braided tubes located at the center and bottom of the blade. This design helps to produce a long lasting and most consistent blade, the best that they’ve ever produced, and is up to 50% stronger than its predecessor.

The True A6.0 SBP goalie stick also contains a special dampening layer. This helps to dampen vibrations, offering a feel closer to wood and helping to provide improved rebound control.


The original True A6.0 goalie sticks was one of the better ones I have tried out. Durability was always a concern, however. With the new A6.0 SBP, you get all of the greatness of the original, but with the added durability from True’s new technologies. It’s worked out tremendously on the ice each time I’ve used it.

After several months of consistent use, I was happy to see that the A6.0 SBP goalie stick could stand up to everything I threw at it, or rather, everything that was shot at it. I remained confident while using the stick, whether it was making paddle saves, clearing the puck, or blocking any type of shot with it.

Beyond on ice durability, the feel of the A6.0 SBP in my hands was absolutely tremendous. The soft grip coating was very nice to the touch, and the technologies utilized in this stick helped provide a great feel for the puck.

Overall Impressions:

After months of usage, I am still extremely impressed by the new True A6.0 SBP goalie stick, and will definitely continue to keep it in my rotation.

Beyond all of the improvements that were made, I absolutely love the design of the stick. The flat paint job looks amazing, and comes in either a black or white color scheme. The design department at True Hockey really knows what they are doing in my opinion. It would still be cool though if they offered a complete customization option for goaltenders out there who want to match every part of their setup.

Where to buy?

If you would like to pick up the all new True A6.0 SBP goalie stick, head over to The True A6.0 SBP goalie stick carries a price tag of $259.99. Click here to check out the all new True A6.0 SBP goalie stick at

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