KHL Top 10 Saves Week 7

October 13, 2015 by Matt

KHL Top 10 Saves for Week 7

Week 7 of KHL action saw some beautiful saves from a number of different goaltenders. Included in the top 10 from Week 7 is a save from Alexei Murygin who is having an incredible season so far. The list even includes a nice save from Jeff Kinrade, a defenseman who bats the puck out of mid air.

Check out the full list of Week 7 top saves below and be sure to watch the full highlight reel as well. Leave us a note in the comments and let us know which save was your favorite from the list!

10. Vasily Demcehnko (TRA) on Nicklas Hagman (JOK)
9. Jeff Kinrade (MDV) on Sergei Mozyakin (MMG)
8. Konstantin Barulin (SOC) on Maxim Potapov (SPA)
7. Harri Sateri (VIT) on Yakov Rylov (AKB)
6. Alexei Murygin (LOK) on Pyotr Khokhryakov (SKA)
5. Jussi Rynnas (AKB) on Alexander Nikulin (VIT)
4. Barry Brust (SLO) on Danis Zaripov (MMG)
3. Harri Sateri (VIT) on Martin Zatovic (LAD)
2. Konstantin Barulin (SOC) on Yury Babenko (DYN)
1. Vladislav Fokin (UGR) on Mikhail Fisenko (ADM)


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