CCM YT Flex Goal Pads

August 10, 2016 by Matt

CCM YT Flex Goal Pads

CCM Hockey recently took on the challenge of designing a new goalie pad for younger players who are new to the position. They wanted to build something lightweight, comfortable, and easy to put on. They results of their research and development are the all new CCM YT Flex goal pads.

From the ground up, the CCM YT Flex goal pads were designed for youth goalies who were just starting out and learning to play the position. Each element helps to promote proper fundamentals, allowing young goalies to build confidence in their play.

In the CCM YT Flex goal pads, we’ll find an adjustable knee cradle. This type of adjustment will be beneficial for growing youngsters, allowing them to have the proper fit and knee placement throughout the entire season.

The YT Flex goalie pads were also designed with an easy leg strap system. The ease of use provides youth goalies an easy opportunity to strap the pads on by themselves, but can also help parents who are new to hockey get their child set up.

CCM’s YT Flex goal pads also include a comfort leg channel. This loose fit design means more comfort for the goalie and allows for easier movement. Additionally, the pads use a full foam core, much like other CCM pads, and the core on the YT flex pads is extremely flexible in key areas like the boot.

The all new CCM YT Flex goal pads are now available in retail stores. Check them out below and let us know what you think of the all new YT Flex pads!

CCM YT Flex Goal Pads

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