CCM YT Flex Catch Glove

August 12, 2016 by Matt

CCM YT Flex Catch Glove

CCM Hockey has released an all new line of youth goalie gear this summer, and included in that line is the CCM YT Flex catch glove.

The goal of the new CCM YT Flex line is to have a product line that is designed for kids who are just getting into playing the goaltender position. The design elements focus on flexibility and helping to promote proper fundamentals.

CCM’s new YT Flex catch glove fits the requirements of a new player perfectly. It offers a two-piece design, which offers more flexibility for learning to play the position. The YT Flex catch glove also has a game ready break. In other words, it’s broken in and has a soft glove flex for simple and easy hand closure.

The design team also worked to make the YT Flex line one that is easy to put on and take off. In the YT Flex glove, you’ll find convenient and adjustable hand straps for a customizable fit.

This new CCM YT Flex catch glove is now available from retail stores. Check out the look of the glove below and drop us a comment with your thoughts!

CCM YT Flex Catch Glove CCM YT Flex Catch Glove

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