CCM Ribcor 50k Goalie Skates

January 12, 2016 by Matt

CCM Ribcor 50K Goalie Skates

Headed to retail stores this spring will be the all new CCM Ribcor goalie skates.

The CCM Ribcor 50k goalie skates were introduced for and inspired by those who love The Pump technology. The Ribcor goalie skates were also designed to specifically meet the needs of goaltenders, with feedback from NHL goalies helping in the design process.

Diving into some of the features, we see that the Ribcor goalie skates use a Ribcor Elite quarter package with enhanced pro ribbed reinforcement which harnesses flexion for maximum power and agility. A heat moldable flexcore allows you to customize fit even further for maximum comfort and reactiveness. The Pump on the Ribcor 50k goalie skates is the most advanced and efficient design yet. It also works to improve and personalize the fit and take comfort to another level.

Inside the boot you’ll find a dual zone liner with tacky nash and clarino. This design on the liner helps to keep the foot dry all while enhancing heel lock and improving durability. The Griptonite footbed will also help to reduce foot movement and increase energy transfer with each push.

A triguard tongue is featured and includes enhanced lace bite protection built in. This will help to provide maximum fit and comfort while wearing the CCM Ribcor goalie skates. Additionally, you will find a skate lock lacing system in place to help you achieve customized tightness in two zones while lacing.

Beneath the boot you’ll find a composite midsole. This lightweight support provides an enhanced blade to boot interface, meaning better energy transfer. Below that, a Prolite GS cowling with carbon impact inserts. This extremely lightweight cowling is designed with an increased recovery angle, helping you reset your position quicker than ever before. Finally, the Ribcor 50K goalie skates use a Prolite G stainless steel runner. This runner provides great edge life, allowing for long term performance benefits.

The end result of this great design is a goalie skate that is even more powerful, more flexible, and allows for a better range of motion than previous designs, and ultimately results in a goalie with improved agility.

The CCM Ribcor 50K goalie skates will be available from retailers everywhere this spring. Keep checking in with our friends at to get your hands on a pair as soon as they’re released.

CCM Ribcor 50k Goalie Skates

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