CCM Extreme Flex 2 Goalie Gear

April 9, 2015 by Matt

CCM Extreme Flex 2 Goalie Pads

CCM has officially launched their brand new goalie gear line. The core of this new line will be the CCM Extreme Flex 2 goalie pads. With a number of updates and improvements based on feedback from CCM’s Pro’s, these are most definitely the elite level goalie pads in CCM’s new lineup.

According to CCM, the Extreme Flex 2 goalie pads have been “re-designed and tested to close the five hole quicker.” The goal pads will offer an updated and lighter weight design which offers a single knee strap. This is done to help maximize rotation in the leg channel.

For those power pushes, CCM has a re-engineered boot foam core which provides additional torsional flex versus the original Extreme Flex pads. This increase will help your power push and allow you to explode across the goal crease.

At the end of the day, the CCM Extreme Flex 2 goalie pads are focused on improved quickness, additional weight savings, and the power push.

Update: The all new CCM Extreme Flex 2 goalie pads are now available. You can pick them up at for $1799. You can also order your customized Extreme Flex 2 pads through IW. Custom orders generally take 8-12 weeks to ship.

On a budget? If so, you pick up the original CCM Extreme Flex pads on clearance. Originally priced at $1699, you can grab the Extreme Flex on clearance for only $949!

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