Bauer Reactor 9000 Blocker

April 7, 2015 by Matt

Bauer Reactor 9000 Blocker

This Spring, Bauer is set to refresh their Reactor line of goalie equipment. One of the new items we’ll see in 2015 will be the Bauer Reactor 9000 blocker.

The new Bauer Reactor 9000 blocker is an evolution of its predecessor, the Reactor 6000. While it hasn’t been redesigned from the ground up, there are several great new features we can expect.

Bauer’s biggest addition to the Reactor 9000 blocker is the new Ax Suede Quattro palm. This new palm will increase overall durability of the palm and help prevent it from wearing so quickly. Additionally, it will offer a great and comfortable feel with an easy grip on the goal stick.

Bauer has also increased increased coverage in order to maximize coverage as well as side hand protection. They have also increased finger protection to ensure that you are well covered while using the Reactor 9000 blocker.

The Bauer Reactor 9000 blocker will come in senior and intermediate sizes only. The senior sizes will be made at Bauer’s factory in Canada.

What do you think of the Bauer Reactor 9000 blocker? Will you consider picking up this new blocker from Bauer Hockey?

Bauer Reactor 9000 Blocker Bauer Reactor 9000 Blocker

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