Bauer Vapor 1X Catch Glove

December 14, 2016 by Matt

Bauer Vapor 1X Catch Glove

As part of Bauer Hockey’s all new goalie gear line coming out next Spring, they are also introducing the premier level Bauer Vapor 1X catch glove.

The all new Bauer Vapor 1X catcher is designed as a top of the line, pro-level piece of equipment. It featuresĀ a 60-degree break angle and a one-piece cuff. There is also a free flex cuff for great mobility. The free flex cuff utilizes Aerolite technology foam for additional lightweight protection.

A new hybrid T trap design is used in the Bauer Vapor 1X catcher glove, distinguishing itself from the deep T pocket used in the Supreme line. The outside of the catcher also features digitally-printed graphics, allowing for a slick and lightweight look.

Curv composite technology is used in the palm of the glove for ultimate protection. There is also additional XRD Foam reinforcing the palm. This setup of materials in the palm is going to help absorb energy from all shots you might take, leading to a well protected hand against blistering fast shots.

Inside the Bauer Vapor 1X catch glove, you will find a high-quality transfer mesh liner with 37.5 technology. This liner uses a breathable fabric to enhance 37.5 technology and improve the evaporation process by maximizing air flow. Ultimately, this will help to keep your hand cool and dry while wearing the glove. Another nice little feature is the inclusion of comfort edge on the thumb gusset. This addition helps to improve overall comfort while wearing the catcher.

The all new Bauer Vapor 1X catcher is currently being worn by some players in the professional ranks. It will be availableĀ for retail release in April 2017 and will likely retail for around $520.

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