Bauer Supreme S170 Goalie Pads

March 25, 2016 by Matt

Bauer Supreme S170 Goalie Pads

On April 8th, Bauer will be launching the all new mid-level Bauer Supreme S170 goalie pads. As part of the new Supreme line, the S170 goalie pads will provide great new features.

In order to reduce weight, the Bauer Supreme S170 goalie pads were designed with microfiber in the exterior. The butterfly style design provides a flatter face to the pad, which also helps with weight reduction.

Bauer’s Supreme S170 goalie pads include the new Custom Rotation Strapping system as well. Rather than traditional leather straps, the S170 goalie pads will use elastic straps with velcro. This new design works efficiently and effectively at maximizing pad rotation for butterfly style goaltenders.

With the Bauer Supreme S170 goalie pads, you will get a nice knee stack with soft foams to help support your knees and hips during butterfly transition. The pads were also designed with a stiffer boot break which is softer in certain areas at the ankle to allow for a more aggressive and powerful push.

The Bauer Supreme S170 goalie pads will also include Bauer’s all new and simplified leg pad sizing system. Bauer hopes to make buying goalie pads an easier process by taking some of the confusion out. For example, if you previously wore a size 34+1 pad, you would now wear a Bauer medium sized pad. Similarly, a 35+1 would be a large.

Bauer’s new Supreme S170 goalie pads will officially hit retail store shelves on April 8th. You can pick up a set from our friends over at for only $499. Stock colors include white/black, white/blue, and white/red.

Click here to check out the new Bauer Supreme S170 goalie pads!

Bauer Supreme S170 Goalie Pads

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