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March 6, 2018 by Matt

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goalie Customizer Now Available

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro goalie gear, your wait is nearly over. Bauer officially announced yesterday that they are opening up their custom factory for orders due to the overwhelming demand for 2S Pro gear.

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro leg pads, blocker, and catcher, are all part of the next iteration of OD1N gear within the Supreme line of products. Bauer has taken what they learned from the Supreme 1S OD1N gear, as well as the Vapor 1X OD1N gear, and have now refined and improved the products even more.

One of the best parts about the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro goalie gear is the ability to truly customize the look to your liking. The graphics work that you can put on these pads is something that cannot be matched, leaving you with a set of pads that ultimately matches your style more than any other pad could.

If you’re ready to grab a set of the all new Bauer Supreme 2S Pro goalie gear, head on over to your local retailer where you can place a custom order. Bauer will officially launch their own customizer in April, and will also launch the standard retail products at that time as well. But until then, you can get a head start on your competition by placing your order today.

Want some of the latest gear but aren’t looking to spend the money on the 2S Pro? Keep an eye out on Goalie Gear Nation as well as on for the launch of the rest of the new Supreme line of goalie gear!

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