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August 1, 2017 by Matt

Bauer Supreme 2S OD1N Goalie Pads

Bauer’s latest and greatest goalie pads were unveiled for the world to see yesterday as Henrik Lundqvist posted a picture of his new Bauer Supreme 2S OD1N goalie pads on Instagram.

The all new Bauer Supreme 2S OD1N goalie pads show how far the Bauer R&D team has come in terms of digital printing on their pads. As you can see below, they have gone well past the typical design elements seen on many goal pads today, and it would appear they can now print virtually any graphic you wish on to the pads.

One large question about the Bauer Supreme 2S OD1N pads hangs over our heads at this point, however. We all want to know if the new pads will be more durable than the original Supreme 1S pads. Many reviews we read all pointed to the digital printing on the pads not being able to hold up to the challenge of repeated use. While the pads were incredibly lightweight, the reports of pads wrinkling and creasing with use was a major cause for concern.

Lundqvist has long been a fan of the OD1N gear, going all the way back to the original OD1N pads used in the Sochi Winter Olympics. It’s no surprise to see him stick with the line and use the new Bauer Supreme 2S OD1N goalie pads. He’s worked with Bauer throughout the design process, and had this to say on Instagram:

It’s been fun to be part of the development of @Bauerhockey goalie equipment over the last few years. It’s incredible to see the progress. I feel like now is the time we take the design to another level because of the print technique that’s being used. Thoughts on this year’s design? #BauerOdin2S

Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t know much about the specs on the Bauer Supreme 2S OD1N goalie pads. Hopefully, the details will come out soon. Stick with us and keep checking back for more!

Bauer Supreme 2S OD1N Goalie Pads

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