Bauer Supreme 1S Chest Protector

September 17, 2015 by Matt

Bauer Supreme 1S Chest Protector

Bauer recently used Instagram as an outlet to officially showcase one of their latest pieces of gear, the Bauer Supreme 1S chest protector. The new gear which was originally shown off by Jeremy Brodeur on Instagram, was later reposted by Bauer Goalie.

The new Bauer Supreme 1S chest protector will feature Curv composite inserts to help with additional protection. You can also bank on a 37.5 liner which will work with your body to help keep you cool and wick away moisture. It is also likely that Bauer has used Poron XRD foam in the new Bauer Supreme 1S goalie chest protector.

Bauer’s new Supreme 1S chest protector is estimted┬áto cost at least $500 when it is released. Currently Bauer’s premier level chest protectors list for $499.99, but the new 1S may see a rise in cost due to additional features and technology.

Check out the upcoming Bauer Supreme 1S chest protector below and leave us a comment with your thoughts!

Bauer Supreme 1S Chest Protector

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