KHL Top 10 Saves for Week 5

September 30, 2015 by Matt

KHL Top 10 Saves for Week 5

On Monday, the KHL released video of the top 10 saves from week five of the KHL season. There are some great saves showcased in this clip, so it’s worth checking out. It also gives us goalies in North America a great look at what is going on in the KHL these days.

Without further adieu, here are the top 10 saves from week 5 of the KHL season.

10. Atte Engren (SPA) on Roberts Locans (RIG)
9. Andrei Kareyev (MNK) on Andre Pettersson (SOC)
8. Jakub Sedlacek (RIG) on Cam Barker (SLO)
7. Henrik Karlsson (JOK) on Lukas Kaspar (SLO)
6. Ilya Ezhov (SKA) on Simon Hjalmarsson (CSK)
5. Juha Metsola (AMR) on Linus Omark (SAL)
4. Harri Sateri (VIT) on Ilya Arkalov (MDV)
3. Vitaly Kolesnik (LOK) on Ivan Vereschyagin and Damir Zhafyarov both – SIB)
2. Jakub Stepanek (SEV) on Igor Levitsky (SPA)
1. Ilya Ezhov (SKA) on Nikita Zaytsev (CSK)


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