KHL Top Saves Week 14

December 9, 2015 by Matt

KHL Top 10 Saves for Week 14

Week 14 of KHL action saw a flurry of great saves from the KHL’s top netminders.

The top save on the list, courtesy of Juha Metsola from Khabarovsk Amur, was an absolute beauty. After an unfortunate bounce on a dump in Metsola found himself out of position behind the net. The puck bounced out in front leaving a wide open net. In a desperate effort, Metsola dove out and made a brilliant stick save to prevent a game tying goal.

Here’s the full list of spectacular saves from week 14 of KHL action, and you’re going to want to watch all the way through to catch that number one save.

10. Alexander Yeryomenko (DYN) on Alexander Radulov (CSK)
9. Niklas Svedberg (SAL) on Sergei Mozyakin (MMG)
8. Dominik Furch (AVG) on Genoway & Gilliati (both – MDV)
7. Jakub Stepanek (SEV) on Max Shalunov (SIB)
6. Nikita Bespalov (SIB) on Alexei Sopin (TOR)
5. Edgars Masalskis (LAD) on Niko Kapanen (JOK)
4. Harri Sateri (VIT) on Yury Petrov (AVG)
3. Jan Laco (BAR) on Alexei Tsvetkov (DYN)
2. Emil Garipov (AKB) on Peter Regin (JOK)
1. Juha Metsola (AMR) on Alexei Mikhnov (AVT)


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