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March 15, 2016 by Matt

Jacob Markstrom Makes Barehanded Stop

Jacob Markstrom made a brilliant, albeit dangerous, barehanded save last night against the Winnipeg Jets.

Midway through the second period, the Jets were in all out attack mode on the Canucks. Markstrom lost his glove after making an initial save, but the puck bounced away and play continued. After making another save on a Ben Chiarot shot, a scrum ensued in front of the goal.

The Jets players jammed away trying to score, and the puck slid closer to the goal line. As it did, Markstrom reached out and grabbed it with his bare hand, stopping the play.

Unfortunately for Markstrom, the Canucks would go on to lose the game 2-5.

Check out the great barehanded save from Jacob Markstrom below.

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