Jacob Markstrom Peter Mannino Goalie Fight

April 16, 2015 by Matt

Jacob Markstrom and Peter Mannino Goalie Fight

Jacob Markstrom, third string netminder for the Vancouver Canucks, and also
starting goalie for the Utica Comets, was involved in a goalie fight
during Wednesday night’s game against the Binghamtom Senators.

Markstrom became heated and tried to come to the defense of a teammate after
the Senators Darren Kramer began attacking Frank Corrado.

After leaving his crease to join the melee, Markstrom was held back by
the referee, and eventually pushed back to his crease.

While Kramer continued to lose his cool and the refs tried to pull him
away from Corrado, Markstrom bolted towards Senators goalie Peter Mannino.

After a shaky start on Markstrom’s part, and a lot of dancing around, Markstrom
and Mannino began exchanging punches. Markstrom clearly got the better of Mannino,
but he was also taking it a bit more seriously as well.

Once the two came together, they decided to call it quits. Mannino gave
Markstrom a bit of a “good fight” head rub on Markstrom, and the two seperated

You have to wonder what was going through Markstrom’s mind to make him flip out
the way he did.

Check out the full video of the Jacob Markstrom Peter Mannino fight below!

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